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Educational projects at UBC

  • Teaching and learning innovation in the liberal arts: Can the humanities foster global citizenship by enhancing students’ capacity to understand and empathize with others? Can these qualities be treated as learning outcomes, and if so, which pedagogical methods strengthen them? I'm beginning a Scholarship of Teaching and Learning seed project with UBC's Centre for Learning and Teaching Technology, also supported by UBC's Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund, to investigate these questions, using measures from social psychology such as cognitive empathy, dogmatism, integrative complexity, and the capacity to give a rational reconstruction of an opponent's position. More details about this project will be posted here as available; please contact me with any inquiries.

  • Midterm evaluation of teaching: I'm an early tester of UBC's Midterm Evaluation of Teaching project, which has been very helpful in my classes so far.

  • Space for Notes: I've been co-developing an iPad app for collaborative note-taking in classroom and research settings, and outside, which I'll be trialling this year. More about 'Space' here.

  • "In the Agora" course blog: students in my courses contribute to a collaborative course blog, titled In the Agora, on ancient philosophy and modern culture.

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winter 2016-2017

  • Greek Philosophy 1 (CLST/PHIL 211)

  • Greek Philosophy 2 (CLST/PHIL 212)

  • Ancient Greek Language (GREK 101)

  • Graduate Seminar in Ancient Philosophy

summer 2016

winter 2015—2016 

Summer 2014