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Space is a simple, elegant visual canvas for ideas and notes. Tap to bring a circle to life; drag to group circles together. Circles respond to physics for natural, tactile organization. Space is designed for quick class notes, lists, meetings, and basic mind-mapping. Download version 1 on iTunes now and let us know what you think: the paint’s still wet! And visit for updates about the app.

Features (v. 1.0.0)

  • Tap to create nodes
  • Drag to arrange nodes (multitouch)
  • Notes respond to physics for natural, tactile interaction
  • Create additional note canvases
  • Drag down to trash nodes
  • Tap nodes to edit them

Features considered for potential future development

  • Collaboration and sharing (eventually real-time)
  • Clustering nodes (categorization)
  • Rich media (images, videos)