The Ancient Commentators on Aristotle project began in 1985 under the direction of Richard Sorabji, with Michael Griffin as co-editor from 2013. It aims to translate the principal Greek commentaries on Aristotle into English for the first time (along with a number of related philosophical texts from late antiquity). These commentaries record the scientific, medical, and philosophical achievements of late antiquity, many of which are not currently available in any modern language. The project has been described by The Times newspaper as “a massive scholarly endeavour of the highest importance.”

To date, 100 volumes have been published or sent to press, with a further 23 assigned or under consideration. A number of explanatory volumes have also been published, including a three-volume sourcebook on the philosophy of the ancient commentators (1: Psychology, 2: Physics, 3: Logic and Metaphysics). The proceedings of a recent conference organized by the project have also been published.

Reviews of the Commentators Project

  • “A truly breathtaking achievement, with few parallels in the history of scholarly endeavour” (David Sedley, The Times Literary Supplement)
  • “One of the great scholarly achievements of our time” (Christopher Taylor, British Journal for the History of Philosophy)
  • “The Greek commentators are now being read around the world with an intensity of interest they have not received since they were first written” (Myles Burnyeat, Classical Association News)

Visit the project’s website for updates, personnel, and a list of forthcoming volumes.